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Food Bank Nizamabad has started its journey from the year 2016.  The main mission of the Food Bank Nizamabad is to feed the homeless and needy people.  The concept of Food Bank has been initiated by Naveen Chanti a resident of Nizamabad, who couldn’t see the homeless people suffering without food . Since by then Food Bank Nizamabad runs successfully through out the year i.e 365 days feeding hundreds of homeless people all around the Nizamabad. Not homeless but even the animals like stray dogs, cows, monkeys are being fed. Inorder to this they also distribute new cloths and sweets during every festivals.No many people has….


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Everday Food Donation

Events Conducted

Volunteer Program

Food Bank holds 500+ volunteers who helps in different types of works as in food processing, packing food packets, distributing the food packets to the homeless etc. We are whole heartedly greatful for the team we have.

We have Volunteer Program which is open for all who want to join our cauise in helping us to serve more homeless people. You can join the cause with only few clicks and become a member.

Food Bank Nizamabad Journey

Donate Food Items

Food Bank has conducted the Rice Bag Challenge where number of fellow citizens had came up to encourge the cause of donating the Rice Bags to feed the poor and homeless people.

You also can opt for the click donation where you just fill a form and we will come to your address and take the groceries or other food products which you are donating.

Donating Food Items is as Easy as 123. Let’s Get Started!


Just Click on the Donate Button

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Fill all the details in the form

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Wait till our team picks the Food Products

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Ongoing Causes

Know more about Food Bank Nizamabad, how we do and the process of making till distribution of food packets

Food Preparation for Distribution

Preparing the food is the main thing which we have don't comprimise on. Quality food, quality checks and huigene is what to take care of.


10,000+  Food Drives

Our Tribe of Volunteers

We have volunteers with hearts as they are heart and soul of the Food Bank Nizamabad. Right foof preration to distribution they are with us.


500+ Volunteers

Distribution of food packets

Food packets distribution goes on everyday for 365 days in the city of Nizamabad everyday


1,00,000+ Packets Donated

Feeding Stray Animals

Food Bank not only save people but also the animals like dogs, cows, and monkeys (once in a week)


1033+ Fed till date

Our Story in Media

Ready to Make a Change?

Volunteers and Donars are welcomed whole heartely to join us in this cause to serve and expand helping more homeless people and animals too, to make this world a better place to live..,

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Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

Food Bank Nizamabad not only focus about the hunger of the people but also take cares f our "Mother Earth" too. We have distributed the free saplings for the citizens of the Nizamabad to plant the saplings in every house possible. Tree Plantation or the Sapling...

Festivals Celebrations

Festivals Celebrations

At the Food Bank Nizamabad we don't be active on only donating the food packets but also we do celebrate the major festivals with the homeless people by being among them and cheering out loud. On Dusserha and Diwali all the homeless people get the new cloths and...

Blankets Donation

Blankets Donation

Apart from the food and feeding next comes the living, where these people are not having any homes their living is difficult so during the winters the weather condition becomes so drastic in Nizamabad that the city faces extreme downfall of the temperature. Keep this...

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